DIY Wedding Flower Tips

Tips for deciding to DIY your wedding flowers … or not… or both?

Ok, so I am a bit biased – I am a florist after all. And yet, I want to offer resources for you to make your own decision. We want you to have a fabulous, stress-free day and still feel like you are working with your budget. This post provides you with in-depth questions and tips of what to think about or prepare for, or to help you decide what parts you want to do.

A number of brides have come to us recently, thinking they have no option but to DIY their own wedding flowers. When they have thought through the following questions/tips, they have known for sure they have options, and have been empowered to make their own decisions. So sit down with a paper and pen, and your favorite beverage, relax and ask yourself these questions: then if you like, sign up here for our DIY Wedding Flower Class for you and your bridal party, family & friends!

DIY Bridal session at God's Garden Treasures

DIY Bridal session at God’s Garden Treasures’ design studio a few days before the wedding – then we delivered everything for them the day of! Call (480) 603-7673 or click here to sign up for one of our DIY Wedding Flower Classes!  

  • Why am I considering DIY wedding flowers?
  • Where will I find the following resources:
    • buckets (to properly hydrate the flowers in)
    • cool place (flowers last longest between 40-50 degrees)
    • 2-4 work tables on flooring where water is not an issue (or a tarp to lay down on carpet)
    • tools: flower cutters, ribbon scissors, wire cutters, floral preservative, decorative wire, pins, florist wire, etc., depending on your designs
    • vases for bouquets, centerpieces (do I want to give them away or rent them?)
    • boxes or crates for securing the bouquets during delivery
  • Do I realistically want to be following a schedule similar to the one listed here?
    • order the flowers 6-12 weeks ahead (do I know how to guesstimate how many stems of what flowers I will want?)
    • research and watch videos online for how to process the flowers and create the arrangements, or take a class
    • receive the flowers 3-4 days ahead (to give enough time to hydrate and in case they don’t come in the right color or ) – and extra money in the budget for potential additional flowers – and set aside 2-4 hours to properly process them
    • create the arrangements with a water source (ie. still on the stem, like centerpieces, hand-tied bouquets) 1-3 days ahead (and have a space to keep them cool if needed) – set aside 2-6 hours depending on how many people will help, and what skills they have
    • on the day of the wedding, create the boutonnieres and corsages and any other decor or personal flowers without a water source  – set aside 1-3 hours – and then also deliver the flowers to the ceremony and reception venues, and set everything up (set aside 2-4 hours total to get everything organized, to the venue(s) and set up. You will want to work backwards from the time when you want to be showering and getting ready for the ceremony, leaving a cushion of time so you are less stressed.
  • What do I want to be doing the day before my wedding ceremony? Who do I want to spend time with? What out-of-town guests will I want to see?
  • What do I want to be doing and how do I want to feel on the day of the wedding? How early do I want to get up, and what do I want to be responsible for?
  • Do I want my close friends and family to work on flowers and setting things up the day of the wedding, or do I want them to spend time with me?
  • Do I want to explore an option to create part of the arrangements, and have fun with the flowers, earlier in the week, and then not have to worry about how the rest get made, or delivered or set up?
  • and most importantly: How do my friends and family feel about working hard right before the wedding?

We are here to support you. If at any point you are overwhelmed, or would like professional opinion, call us to chat. If you would like to explore a collaborative option including part or all DIY with support from a professional, call us at 480-603-7673 to schedule a complementary consultation. You don’t have to go it alone!

Sign up here for DIY Wedding Floral Classes – We make is SUPER EASY for you to Do It Yourself…. with a little help from US! Delivered the day of your wedding to take a little bit of stress off of you on your big day.

If you really want to do your own flowers, we are here to support you. If you feel trapped by your budget, and yet are stressed at the thought of it, we are also here for you. And of course, if you just want to select the flowers, and then have them show up for you to enjoy, you have that option. Bottom line, you have options! Call us at 480-603-7673!

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