Sympathy & Funeral Flowers


Funeral Wreath, Tribute for a Fireman

Funeral Wreath for a Fireman

We come from the perspective that when someone passes, we celebrate their life, who they are, and their contribution to those around them. And we love doing this with flowers!

When you are celebrating the life of a loved one or co-worker, Gods Garden Treasures will personalize the memorial spray, casket spray or tribute. Your flowers can reflect the style, personality or interest of this special person. When you are supporting friends and family in their time of grief, reflecting something about the loved one, an aspect of their being, will touch their heart and connect at a deep, personal level. Should you not have enough details about the individual, we will create a tasteful, appropriate and yet eye-catching arrangement for you!

Sympathy: the sharing of a caring message from one’s heart, during another’s time of need.

God’s Garden Treasures provides value added, professional Concierge Services to assist with focus on the personality and style of the recipient as well as the occasion and location of the event. God’s Garden Treasures designers create personalized, meaningful Floral Art.

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Special requests are welcome. We can provide flowers nationwide and worldwide for any service, and you will still get our custom touch with the design style. Click here to order online.

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The flowers from God’s Garden Treasures are always a beautiful tribute to the loved one that we are grieving.  They are a spot of life and a touch of color on a somber alter.  They are a reminder that we are going to keep on living without our loved one, and that is the right and likely the thing our loved one would want us to do:  LIVE on. – Krystyna

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