DIY Wedding Flower Tips

Sample DIY Wedding Flower Schedule

Did you know that most brides and their families that I’ve talked to after they have done a DIY wedding have felt the flowers were really stressful? As you are considering, or planning doing part or all of your wedding flowers yourself, here is a sample schedule for you to consider, utilize or adjust, with some questions for you to ponder. Our goal is to support you and help you have a wonderful wedding day!

  • order the flowers 6-12 weeks ahead (do I know how to guesstimate how many stems of what flowers I will want?)
  • research and watch videos online for how to process the flowers and create the arrangements, or take a class
  • receive the flowers 3-4 days ahead (to give enough time to hydrate and in case they don’t come in the right color or ) – and extra money in the budget for potential additional flowers – and set aside 2-4 hours to properly process them
  • create the arrangements with a water source (ie. still on the stem, like centerpieces, hand-tied bouquets) 1-3 days ahead (and have a space to keep them cool if needed) – set aside 2-6 hours depending on how many people will help, and what skills they have
  • on the day of the wedding, create the boutonnieres and corsages and any other decor or personal flowers without a water source  – set aside 1-3 hours – and then also deliver the flowers to the ceremony and reception venues, and set everything up (set aside 2-4 hours total to get everything organized, to the venue(s) and set up. You will want to work backwards from the time when you want to be showering and getting ready for the ceremony, leaving a cushion of time so you are less stressed.

If this sounds too stressful, why not consider our DIY Collaborative flower package? We will support you in ordering the flowers, processing them, then you come to our design center and create your arrangements. We will keep them in our cooler and then deliver everything the day of the wedding!

If this sounds like an amazing answer to prayer, sign up here for more information. Make sure to check the ‘DIY checkbox.’

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