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Fashion Forward: Color Trends for Thanksgiving and Christmas

Chocolate Dahlias Pair with Ivory Florals and Succulents

Flowers follow Fashion. The colors and feel, even style we see on the runway lead floral designers and the flower world as well as fashion trends. This year’s Fall and Winter clothing lines saw the typical gloomy grays banished. All of the bright jewel tones that we have been seeing are translated over into more subdued versions for the later season.

The color ranges were filled with neutrals like maroon camel and caramels; mid-tone colors likes purple, orange, and red; and vivid hues like gold teal and turquoise.

Also big this year in both clothing and beauty is midnight blue.

Metallic highlights compliment Burgundy Roses, Schwarzwalder Calla Lilies and Bright Dianthus

Bright colors, like lemon and orange, are still present in small pops of accessories and highlights. Metallic and shine elements make an appearance to add dimension and texture.

To follow these color trends in your cut flowers and arrangements, try soft, full blossoms like peonies and dahlias, in deep maroons and reds. Pair these blooms with pops of vibrant yellow and metallic hardscape items. Or, incorporate shine with waxy leaves and mirrored containers.

It is less about a key color, and more about the combination. With less attention on the single color or flower, be encouraged to focus on the color harmonies. Mix colors and textures.

Fall Burgundy backdrop for Orange Pincushion with a Modern Pop of Fuchsia Dianthus

Thinking outside the normal color combination will be your best bet. The traditional Autumn colors are still present with yellows, oranges, and taupy browns, but mixing in some less saturated hues of dusty purples and grayed-out pinks will pull your arrangement of out the norm and into the modern.

One color that wasn’t very present in the fashion collections was the hunter green from previous years. Follow this trend by reducing the normal amount of greenery/foliages in your arrangements, opting for neutral twig elements or metallic highlights instead. Even if you don’t pay attention to the seasonal color trends in your wardrobe, most of us automatically assimilate the popular colors into our mind’s idea of what’s in or out.  Keep your arrangements fresh and modern by following color trends and your flowers will convey a sense of style and glamor.

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