Creative Custom Designs

Creativity Unleashed in Florals

Business gifts

‘Looking forward to helping business fly to you and your clients!

The creative process is more than placement of flowers…


  • Flowers as a Door Opener for Business Development
  • Branding, distinction
  • Raised hand, ‘I need that!

Exploration and Client Collaboration

  • Who?
  • What are they like?
  • Their brand?
  • Your goals?
  • What do you have of yourself to put in?


  • Promotional products found
  • Inspiration explodes with creativity  (card message included!)

Design Execution

Creativity delivered!

Door opened for my client, inspiration spread,  joy and delight abounding! I’m inspired to create like this… maybe I’ve found my ‘crack’… creativity creating a win/win/win! = addicting ….

Thank you to Kimber Lambeth with Cox Media for raising your hand, letting me pick the birdhouse out of your stash, and unleashing a flow of creativity that is opening new flyways for me … just getting started!


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