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12 Reasons to LOVE Peonies!


1. They Grow to Be VERY Big!

Peonies can grow to be 10 inches depending on the variety.


2. These flowers hold a lot of tradition.

Peonies are the floral symbol of China, the state flower of Indiana, AND the 12th wedding anniversary flower.Peonies and English Tea jigsaw puzzle


3. Regarded as a symbol of good fortune

AND a happy marriage. So… every Bride should have some in their wedding bouquet!vanessa-michael-bouquet-mwds107762_vert

4. They symbolize commitment.

They can live to be 100 years old!

5. Peonies are beautifully fragrant…


6. They come in all colors…except blue.

 floral arrangement of pink peonies with leaves

7. They attract ants… because they are so sweet (nectar)!

8. They are medicinal : Once believed to relieve headaches & help with asthma.

9. Celebrities are in LOVE with them.


10. They are native to Asia, Southern Europe and Western North America

11. Described as “Roses as big as cabbage.” Explorer Marco Polo described peonies when he first saw them. 

12. If you want to win over the affection of someone you love… these fit the bill!

Peonies have a very short season, which is why they are so special! They are available through the end of June and then again in October… so order some today – We do pride ourselves on fulfilling special requests and can get them as special order during other times of the year so please ask! Plus add your name to our list so we can let you know every time they arrive at God’s Garden Treasures!
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